Binghamton University Art & Design

February 5th, 2019

Project 1: Sketches

When I first heard about the postcard assignment, I knew I wanted to do something with art. Shortly before Spring 2018 semester ended, I went through a rough break up. I poured out all my emotions into my final painting and was able to cope for a while. That is until the summer hit.

I wasn't in a good emotional place over the summer, so I decided to take the advice my painting professor Andrea had given me: Bury myself in my art. And boy did I try.

I managed to create some pieces but once school started up again I stopped. Fall 2018 was packed with English classes and I wasn't able to create anything. I wanted to, and needed to, change that about myself.

Once this assignment was explained to us, I knew I had somehow create something that would remind myself to always make art.

This project is also partly inspired by my younger sister. She burns through sketchbooks and has taught herself how to animate. She may be younger than me, but she sure is an inspiration.

The design came to me pretty easily. I wanted to depict a tool we use to create and it bringing art to life. Because this was a postcard meant for my younger sister, I chose to have little characters portruding from the pencil. I wanted the postcard to look cute, but meaningful.

I also thought it would be fun to have some of the characters in the front in the back, living in their own little world. The characters on the bottom left break the fourth wall and make a connection with the audience. I want people to feel like they could also create, and that they should be encouraged to.

I tried to doodle little characters that reflected a cute innocence. Actually, they kind of remind me some of the art my sister made when she was a toddler. I also tried to make characters that reflected things we both loved. On the front of the final postcard, there is a doodle of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, a video game we both like to play, and Bill Cypher, a character from Gravity Falls, which we both love immensely.

I put in a lot of thought and love into this postcard, and while it might have started as a design for myself, it quickly evolved into a love letter to my sister and how she inspires me every day.

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